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  • Dawna Kaufman and Vince Savoia55:29
  • Diane Dimond and Diane Fanning.52:31
  • Clint VanZandt and Robin Sax54:34
  • Pat Brown45:21
  • Dawna Kaufmann54:58
  • Authors Robert Jordan and Michael Stone1:02:00
  • Dr Carole Lieberman47:48
  • Mark Williams54:34
  • Ex Scientologist Saina Kamula52:12
  • Author Paul Robinson.mp324:18
  • Author Paul Derry.mp326:34
  • Fred Ewanuick and Joel Brodsky48:57
  • Diane Fanning & Richard Muti1:37:00
  • Dawna Kaufmann&Diane Dimond1:44:00
  • Oct 4th Show Bill Cosby Case0:00
  • Nov 15 Show Robin Sax0:00
  • Richard Muti Show.mp30:00
  • Michael Stone and Diane Dimond0:00
  • knock knock podcast53:04
  • April 4 Ron Franscell Gary Brucato55:35
  • May 16 Dawna Kaufmann54:28